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Rhodesian Ridgeback Breeder

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Field & Show

The show ring is the primary place where the question of quality is tested. This is an effective way to measure the soundness, structure and movement of a dog. Unbiased judges in respected competition events selecting the proper specimen is one way a that determination of upstanding breeding practices can be confirmed. All major kennel clubs for each breed have chosen the AKC (American Kennel Club) as the managing steward for keeping track of the best dogs, or "champions",  providing a repository of this information readily available to the public.

Quality breeding practices take on other forms as well, and can be manifested in a variety of ways. Lure coursing is a slightly different benchmark of a quality animal because a properly structured Ridgeback will not falter under physical demands that lure coursing expects. Lure Coursing tests the speed and endurance and to a lesser extent the prey drive of the Rhodesian Ridgeback. Agility is another competition environment that demonstrates still further versatility in the breed, and there are others including a recent development in the US where a Ridgeback can engage in hunting field trials.

Lamarde Perro Kennels has demonstrated a vigorous competitive advantage throughout it's history and is still a lively participant in those challenges today.

Whatever the endeavor, you will find that in some form or fashion, Lamarde Perro has "been there and done that" - and continues to perform in a variety of competitive avenues from Puppy Sweepstakes, to Hunting Field Trials to Best of Breed conformation titles. Lamarde Perro has a continuing legacy of excellence, setting a minimum standard of performance in all competitive arenas.

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