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Judge #1

David Powers (USA)

Overall Impression: Good overall balance and type, with proper ridge.

Coat: Good.

Head: Proper shape.

Bite, Mouth: Good, scissor.

Eyes: Well set.

Ears: Well set.

Chest: Fine for age.

Front anguation: Good layback.

Back angulation: Proportionate with front.

Top Line: Level.

Tail: Well set.

Movement: Good side movement

Judge #2

Juliann Bitter (Int'l and USA):

  Judgement: Nice representation.

Overall impression: Typy, balanced.

Coat: Good condition (and ridge)

Head: Typy, masculine, pleasing planes.

Bite, Mouth: Correct.

Ears: Well set and carved.

Chest: Developed.

Front angulation: Strong, straight.

Back angulation: Well-angled and muscular.

Top line: Correct.

Tail: Well set.

Movement: Clean, long.

Judge #3:

Barbara Peters (USA)

  Overall Impression: Very good.

Coat: Excellent.

Head: Very nice.

Bite/Mouth: Good, strong teeth.

Eyes: Very expressive

Ears: Very good, set correct.

Chest: Excellent, very deep.

Front Angulation: Good.

Back Angulation: Good.

Topline: Solid level.

Tail: Set on correct carriage.

Movement: Good.


Judge #4:

Sylvia Hammarstrom (SWE and USA)

Judgement: Beautifully presented.

Overall Impression: A top show prospect.

Coat: Good color and ridge.

Head: Nice head shape.

Bite/Mouth: Correct.

Eyes: Good expression.

Ears: Correct.

Chest: Good.

Front Angulation/Back Angulation/Topline: Very good.

Tail: Correct.

Movement: Great movement.

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